Why Do We Use a Gram Scale?

Ditch the Cup – Why do we use a Gram Scale?

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Did you know, up to 80% of people overdose when using measuring cups due to the imprecision to weigh out extruded dry kibble? Check out the study here. (This happens with ingredients, too – jamming more to fit into a cup, is not always better).

A follow up study involved 100 dog owners participating in answering a survey with a measuring exercise using standard dog kibble randomizing three measuring devices. These measuring devices were available through veterinary clinics, or a regular store, and a pet store and they measured the kibble – while tarring the scale. The accuracy ranged from -50% to 150%!

Participants were assigned one of the following measuring devices (from left to right): a two-cup commercial food scoop (Petmate, Arlington, Texas, USA), a two-cup graduated-liquid measuring cup (Betty Crocker; General Mills, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA) or a one-cup dry-food measuring cup (Polytainers, Toronto, Ontario, Canada), and were asked to measure 1⁄4, 1⁄2 and 1 cup of a dry dog food.
Accuracy of 100 dog owners in measuring 1⁄4, 1⁄2 and 1 cup of dry dog food using three different measuring devices (two-cup graduated-liquid measuring cup, two-cup commercial food scoop or one-cup dry-food measuring cup), expressed as relative difference from expected.

Why is this important?

This can lead to nutritional inadequacies, and, pet obesity continues to be an epidemic as pet obesity is on the rise for the seventh consecutive year.

55.8% of dogs and 59.5% of cats were classified as clinically overweight (body condition score (BCS) 6-7) or obese (BCS 8-9) by their veterinary healthcare professional 1. It is an estimated 60% of cats and 56% of dogs in the United States were overweight or obese.

Gram scales:

  • Maintain consistency and accuracy
  • Exercise portion control
  • Measure nutritional information (some are very advanced)


  •  sometimes uses fewer dishes when making a homemade diet (bonus). Just tare the scale back every time!

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