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Canine Integument and related structures

To Shave or Not to Shave – Based on Science

What’s the fastest way to start an online argument? Ask if a double coated dog should be shaved; cue thermal image of a dog in a lion cut. This is one of the most controversial topics there is in the grooming and veterinary industry each year; whether or not shaving your dog keeps them cooler in the heat (never whether or not to grow them longer for the winter; but the same science applies!) This is a persistent dispute with mostly mixed anecdotes and unfortunately little scientific information to be found. It is imperative that dog owners and pet professionals have an understanding of an animal’s homeostatic temperature mechanism of thermoregulation and the skin and coat before you decide whether or not to proceed with shaving your dog. Only then can you make an informed decision for the individual animal in your care. It comes down to just that, an individual choice based on the animal’s condition.

CH Majessa Fire Walk with Me in a Puppy Cut

The Puppy Cut

“I want a ‘puppy cut’.” Words every professional pet groomer hears. But do you, the pet owner, even know what that means? Have you ever asked for a “puppy cut” (or even a teddy bear cut) and been given back your dog not quite how you imagined? Here’s why.

Chris Christensen Big G and Big K Slicker Brushes

Chris Christensen Big G vs. the Big K: Which is Better?

Chris Christensen Big G vs. the Big K: Which is Better?
Easily one of the best selling items for pet professionals, dog show enthusiasts, and pet owners is the Chris Christensen slicker brushes. Often the same two questions arise when it comes to the Big G versus the Big K, and that is:
1. Are the worth the price?
2. Which one is better?
Both the Chris Christensen slicker brushes have a 5 star rating, and that’s for good reason.

Chris Christensen Big K

Chris Christensen Big K – Understand the Hype

The Chris Christensen Big K brushes were originally designed to fit the specific needs of the Black Russian Terrier. However, it was soon discovered that this slicker brush also worked for many other dog breeds as well! These amazing brushes detangle and remove knots in half the time of other slicker brushes, and they are ideal for long and hard-to-manage coats.

Chris Christensen Fine/Coarse Long Tooth Greyhound-Style Buttercomb/

The Ultimate Guide for Choosing the Right Comb for Your Dog

Combs come in a variety of styles, types, and qualities. Different combs are better for different purposes. Some combs are better for certain types of coats than others. The quality of a comb can impact its performance. Overall, combs are a great tool to add to your dog grooming routine. If you have been having trouble keeping your pet’s hair healthy and tangle-free, consider using a comb during your next groom.

Old English Sheepdog Line Brushed

Line Brushing Tutorial For Dogs

Line brushing is a grooming technique used on dogs that gets down to the skin, beneath the coat. Dogs need regular brushing to maintain proper skin and coat health. Even daily brushing won’t benefit your dog if you are not using the proper tools, techniques, or products.

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