Established 2008 – Owned and operated by Danielle, who has an affinity with animals.

As animal lovers first, and professionals ourselves, we only offer products that we would choose for our own pets.

Professional groomers, dog show enthusiasts, and pet owners – enjoy the most respected sources for premium pet products, grooming, show dog and pet supplies.

Chris Christensen Big G

Monitor mobility, anxiety, medical conditions; alerting to early signs of illness

A complete sense of pet’s health to share with their veterinarian

The best DNA kit for dog owners who want their dog’s breed breakdown.

For mixed breed dog owners wanting to get breed breakdown and genetic health profile.

Talking Dog & Cat Buttons

24/7 Online vet appointments

 Pet Insurance – Get a free quote

Booyah Large Pet Bike Trailer Dog Stroller


Relief & protection from the noise of force drying

Quality nail trimmers, grinders, files & more
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