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anal gland

Ensuring Canine Comfort: Anal Gland Guidance for Pet Owners and Groomers

Explore the intricacies of anal gland care in the world of pet grooming and ownership. This seemingly simple procedure comes with complexities that requires a ...
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Fillers in Pet Food: Bold Claim or Just Fluff

The bold claim of pet food marketing "no fillers,” and how the perceived nutritional superiority impacts your dog’s health.
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what is the best dog food

Nourishing Your Canine Companion: A Science-Based Guide to Selecting the Best Dog Food

Navigate the world of dog nutrition with confidence. Learn how to avoid the captivating theater of buzzwords and marketing endeavors and make informed decisions to ...
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Pet Food Brands Voluntarily Recalled Due To Possible Salmonella Health Risk

Explore the recent pet food recall involving Victor, Eagle Mountain, Wayne Feeds, and Member's Mark. Discover safe alternatives from trusted brands and learn how to ...
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Paw-fect Partnerships: The Art of Communicating with Your Groomer for Successful Pet Clipping

As pet owners, we understand that our furry companions are ...
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beard staining

Beard Staining in Dogs | Cosmetic Concerns

As dog lovers, we cherish every moment with our companions. However, when our adorable pets sport unsightly reddish-brown stains around their mouth, it can be ...
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tear stains in dogs

Tear Staining in Dogs | Cosmetic Concerns

Tear staining in dogs is a common concern among pet owners, and is especially evident in those with white coats. The reddish-brown discoloration that appears ...
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Spring shedding in dogs

Shedding Light on Shedding Dogs

Dealing with shedding can be challenging for dog owners. By understanding the natural shedding process, using the right tools, products and techniques, and maintaining proper ...
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Hypoallergenic Dogs: Busting the Allergy-Free Fantasy

Explore the myth of hypoallergenic dogs. While some breeds may produce fewer allergens than others, no dog breed is completely allergen-free. We delve into the ...
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What age should I introduce my dog to professional grooming?

What Age Should You Introduce Your Puppy to Grooming

Many dog owners make the mistake of waiting until their puppy “look" like they need a groom, which is often six months of age or ...
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Health testing in dogs

Health Testing in Dogs – What tests do I need?

Testing before breeding is the standard of care. Health testing is the crucial factor that separates responsible breeders from unethical breeders. These tests are tools ...
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How to Locate a Responsible Breeder

Responsible breeders create the next generation of sound, health-tested, well-socialized puppies in the breeds you love. Learn how to locate a breeder that prioritizes the ...
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Responsible Breeders – Creating the Next Generation of Sound and Healthy Dogs

Responsible dog breeders and, consequently, responsibly-bred dogs, are in short supply. Breeders come in several categories, each having a very different approach to breeding and ...
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Backyard Breeder (BYB): Buyer Beware

In a dangerous virtual puppy buying world, rogue breeders and scammers can more easily hide behind a screen of a slick website, marketing themselves better ...
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Puppy Mills: The Cruelty Behind Cute Puppies

Puppy mills are readily available, extremely accessible, and have a prevalent presence in the dog breeding world. Dishonest breeders are adept at deceiving buyers; slick ...
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