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The most advanced dog DNA test

It’s important as pet owners to understand the whole health needs of our pets. Genetic health testing is one of the newest additions to get proactive about your dog’s health.

Our connection to animals helps us become better people. Trust that when an animal comes into your life, there was a reason. Every interaction is an opportunity to learn. Animals are not just our companions, they’re are teachers, too.

Which Kit is Best for You?

Embark Breed Identification Kit

This kit is the best DNA kit for dog owners who:

  • Want their dog’s breed breakdown
  • Right now save $30 on a Breed Identification Kit with code EMBARK
  • Find out what your dog’s DNA says about their breed, ancestry, and more with a simple cheek swab
  • Discover and connect with dogs that share DNA with yours using the world’s only canine relative finder, free with purchase
  • You can upgrade your Breed + Ancestry kit to include health testing at any time

Embark Breed + Health Kit

This is the best DNA kit for dog owners who:

  • Have mixed breed or “designer” breed dogs
  • Who want to get their dog’s breed breakdown and genetic health profile
  • Right now $149 you Save $50 with code EMBARK.
  • Enables you to learn about breed, ancestry, health, relatives, and more with a simple cheek swab
  • With a research-grade DNA genotyping platform, the kit looks at over 350 breeds and more than 210 genetic health risks.
  • You can discover and connect with dogs that share DNA with yours with the world’s only canine relative finder, free with purchase
  • The most accurate & highest rated dog DNA kit on the market

DNA Test for Purebred Dogs

This is the best DNA kit for dog owners who:

  • Have purebred dogs
  • Breeders know that genetic testing is an important part of producing healthy purebred puppies, in this this kit you will see your dog’s Genetic Diversity score (COI) and more
  • For those who want a complete sense of their pet’s health to share with their veterinarian
  • Now $149 – Save $50 on a Purebred Kit with code EMBARK
  • Provides dog owners with actionable health insights so they can give their dogs the best possible care
  • With just a simple cheek swab, Embark screens for 210+ genetic health risks, measures genetic diversity, and can trace a dog’s breed and ancestry as far back as their great grandparents.
  • Features the world’s only canine DNA relative finder, so you can connect with your dog’s family – unique to Embark
  • Easy to share results with your veterinarian, so the two of you can form a preventative, proactive health plan for your dog
  • If you do get an unexpected health result, veterinary geneticists are available for consultation

Kits also available for breeders.

Genetic health testing is an emerging field. We recommend in order to get the most accurate interpretation of the results through researching the IPFD Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs and the OFA. Create a culture of health and end genetic diseases.

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