Chris Christensen Big G vs. the Big K: Which is Better?

Easily one of the best selling items for pet professionals, dog show enthusiasts, and dog owners are the Chris Christensen slicker brushes. Often the same two questions arise when it comes to the Big G versus the Big K, and that is:

1. Are they worth the price?

2. Which one is better?

Both the Chris Christensen slicker brushes have a 5 star rating, and that’s for good reason.

Product Highlights:

  • Groomer grip coating for using in the bath

  • Fluff, detangle, and style with one tool

  • Soft and scratch free pins

  • Saves time and energy, reducing groomer fatigue

Known as, “the Groomers’ Miracle Brush” simply for the time and effort these brushes save the groomer from de-matting and removing a dog’s undercoat, it is the brush’s unique design that allows them to save your body with their ergonomic handle, curved heads, and long pins. This unique design penetrates deep into the coat, allowing the brush to do more work with each stroke.

The Big G

The Big G, (aka the Coral Slicker), has long toothed, densely packed pins that are made for removing undercoat in densely packed coats.

The G in “Big G” actually stands for Grooming! This brush was actually designed specifically with professional groomers in mind.


Chris Christensen Big G

The Big K

The Big K (aka the black slicker) is a long sparse pin slicker brush originally designed for the needs of the Black Russian Terrier which then quickly expanded to other dog breeds.

It does the grooming job in half the time. It is used for detangling and removing knots in long and difficult to manage coats, especially for getting down to the root and removing hard to reach undercoat.

This brush is ideal in thinning and separating the hairs throughout the dog’s coat, which creates lift and volume as a result.

The difference in the Big K versus the Big G is that the Big K has 30% less pins than the Big K. What makes this ideal is for dogs that have a cottony coat texture, or dogs that have extremely thick coats, like Australian Shepherds and Siberian Huskies.

Both Big G and Big K

  • Long pins penetrate deep into longer coats

  • Special pins bend, which creates lift and movement and grabs more coat

  • Flexible gentle forgivable cushion

  • Curved back design

  • Extra long Ergonomic Handle

  • Reduces groomer fatigue

  • Cuts grooming time in half

  • Come in three sizes – Large, Medium and Baby

How to Choose Between Big G and Big K

When choosing between the Big G and the Big K, it comes down to coat texture and type. Typically what is listed above works well for most dogs.

However, if you find that the K doesn’t work for your dog try the Big G! The Big G can do more work per stroke (like using a comb, you first use a coarse side of the comb i.e. Big K then the fine side of the comb i.e. Big G – as a professional groomer, both are a necessity to have.

Synergistically Yours,

Danielle & Sheepdog Riggs

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