Pet Grooming

Spring shedding in dogs

Shedding Light on Shedding Dogs

Dealing with shedding can be challenging for dog owners. By understanding the natural shedding process, using the right tools, products and techniques, and maintaining proper nutrition, you can reduce excessive shedding and promote a healthy coat.

What age should I introduce my dog to professional grooming?

What Age Should You Introduce Your Puppy to Grooming

Many dog owners make the mistake of waiting until their puppy “look” like they need a groom, which is often six months of age or older, before taking them to a professional. Learn what you need to know to prevent the development of predictable adolescent problems and help your dog enjoy the grooming process by being confident and well-adjusted.

Skunk Rinse Recipe for Dogs

It’s important for dog owners to have a basic understanding of the composition of skunk spray to effectively neutralize it. For quite some time, scientists have been intrigued by the chemical composition of skunk spray. The chemicals secreted are so obnoxious, that few chemists have been willing to work with them. However, Chemist Paul Krebaum developed one of the best home remedies for pet owners, an adaptation of a laboratory method used to destroy hydrogen sulfide and thiols.

What the pluck? Ear Hair

The issue of whether to pluck or not to pluck a dog’s ears is a controversial topic in the world of canine grooming. This debate considers the unique needs and characteristics of each individual dog when making these important grooming decisions.

DIY Professional Hydraulic Dog Grooming Table

If you’re a pet owner and you’re looking to maximize the convenience, comfort and safety of your dog during their grooming sessions, then creating your own hydraulic dog grooming table is the way to go. Not only is it a great way to save money, but you can also customize it to suit the unique needs of you and your dog.

CH Majessa Fire Walk with Me in a Puppy Cut

The Puppy Cut

“I want a ‘puppy cut’.” Words every professional pet groomer hears. But do you, the pet owner, even know what that means? Have you ever asked for a “puppy cut” (or even a teddy bear cut) and been given back your dog not quite how you imagined? Here’s why.

Chris Christensen Big G and Big K Slicker Brushes

Chris Christensen Big G vs. the Big K: Which is Better?

Chris Christensen Big G vs. the Big K: Which is Better?
Easily one of the best selling items for pet professionals, dog show enthusiasts, and pet owners is the Chris Christensen slicker brushes. Often the same two questions arise when it comes to the Big G versus the Big K, and that is:
1. Are the worth the price?
2. Which one is better?
Both the Chris Christensen slicker brushes have a 5 star rating, and that’s for good reason.

Chris Christensen Big K

Chris Christensen Big K – Understand the Hype

The Chris Christensen Big K brushes were originally designed to fit the specific needs of the Black Russian Terrier. However, it was soon discovered that this slicker brush also worked for many other dog breeds as well! These amazing brushes detangle and remove knots in half the time of other slicker brushes, and they are ideal for long and hard-to-manage coats.

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