Canine Copper Associated Hepatopathy

Riggs OVC

Preventing the Pitfalls: Copper-Associated Hepatopathy in Dogs

Discover the critical link between copper concentration in commercial maintenance dog food and the potential for copper-associated liver injury in dogs. Copper concentration exceeds tolerance for healthy dogs. Uncover the insidious and lethal nature of this condition, which transcends traditional breed boundaries. While challenging to diagnose and treat, experts emphasize the simplicity of prevention.

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Riggs OVC

Canine Copper-Associated Hepatopathy

Canine Copper-Associated Hepatopathy is recognized with increasing frequency in dogs. While most evidence and occurrences currently points to genetics, growing studies are demonstrating it is possible that a dietary ingredient, copper (cu), plays a role due to several industry changes, which may give answers to those with an unknown etiology. The latest studies we have from veterinary experts from several different academic institutions believe that the incidence of CT with the changes in the average liver copper concentrations reported are unlikely to be due to the dogs’ excretion of copper, theorizing that diet, and not genetics, is the most critical underlying factor influencing copper accumulation in the liver of dogs.

Canine Copper-Associated Hepatopathy Read More »

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