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Pet Food Labels in Canada

The dog food label is just a legal document. The influence or regulating what is contained on a dog food label comprises of several organizations. Most pet owners reference what must be on an American pet food label. In Canada, this can be confusing for consumers.

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How to Save on Veterinary Bills This Fall

No one likes going to the vet. It can be expensive when not appropriately prepared, and dogs always seem to know when we’re taking them. Though just like people, our dogs need medical care. We’d like to assist you in ways to save money on your vet visit, and ensure you get your dog the care they need.

True Synergy: The Human-Animal Bond

There is no denying the abundance of evidence and human-animal interaction science proving what many of us already know – pets are good for us. This growing body of scientific evidence demonstrates the specific health benefits of how the human-animal bond can be used by everyone in order to make informed decisions that improve the health and well being of not only people, but our pets and the communities they live in. The more people learn about the science of the human-animal bond, the more likely they are to take better care of their pets.

Canine Integument and related structures

To Shave or Not to Shave – Based on Science

What’s the fastest way to start an online argument? Ask if a double coated dog should be shaved; cue thermal image of a dog in a lion cut. This is one of the most controversial topics there is in the grooming and veterinary industry each year; whether or not shaving your dog keeps them cooler in the heat (never whether or not to grow them longer for the winter; but the same science applies!) This is a persistent dispute with mostly mixed anecdotes and unfortunately little scientific information to be found. It is imperative that dog owners and pet professionals have an understanding of an animal’s homeostatic temperature mechanism of thermoregulation and the skin and coat before you decide whether or not to proceed with shaving your dog. Only then can you make an informed decision for the individual animal in your care. It comes down to just that, an individual choice based on the animal’s condition.

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