We make pet care easy as we help you help your dog. We promote the highest level of pet standards through education and resources by giving you the industry guidelines and organizational consensus.

We believe that pet owners that are educated are more informed and make better choices for the health and care of their dog.

Working in the pet industry, we strive to continue to learn and improve within our trade, as well as aspire to be a figure of a responsible pet owner ourselves so we can develop information that benefit pets and their families for best practices.

We provide all the relevant content for pet owners and professionals alike in order to feel like you are able to provide the best care possible. Motivated by science, inspired by evidence.

There is a slow acceptance of the widely available resources of accurate information available that has been around for decades. We believe that the best care for your pet must follow the evidence wherever it leads, regardless of what the knowledge wants or doesn’t want to be true. 

Let’s face it; misinformation is more appealing, while the most compelling and convincing content is not reliable.

We stand behind the principles of evidence-based thinking, objectivity, and skepticism. This means that our position on any issue will be the most scientifically rigorous and unbiased one possible. It is a position that follows the science — where factual evidence and not beliefs are the foundation of everything we do.

If you are not already a proud member of our Pack, we invite you to join us on this standard of care for your dog.

Do your dog the immeasurably kind favour and broaden your knowledge; strengthen your bond.

We get that special connection.  Your dog is your “heart” dog, your “soul” dog. We honour and want to help protect the relationship and bond you have with your dog. Animals share with us a privilege. Our connection to them helps us become better people. While pets deliver endless happiness and unconditional love, they also come with a set of obligations. Conscientious dog owners recognize this and continually adapt to not only their ever changing needs, but science, too. We assist in delivering sound and unbiased information that will benefit you – whether you’re a novice or professional – our goal is to create a culture of health as science is crucial to the future of animal well-being.

The pet industry is one of the largest, fastest growing industries globally with pet ownership on the rise. It is a multi-billion dollar market from dog food, pet care, and pet supplies – is there anything the pet industry lacks? Actually, yes.

While the pet industry is made of products and services that contribute to keeping our animal companions happy, healthy, and alive, at the same time, if one is not careful, it can do quite the opposite. The pet industry lacks regulatory safeguards and it is important to also be mindful that there are no licensing, training or experience requirements for certain pet professionals and they can market themselves as experts in their field. There is no authority that they are following a standard of care with each individual animal within their trade. Though, there are also some extensively disciplined, highly experienced experts utilizing evidence-based practices in their work. A lack of awareness by the public and regulation suggests that this impact has been insubstantial. We’re dedicated to providing you with quality, science-based information and products.

Dogs are an evolved species living in the 21st century. Integrating the science of pet care with a strong bond and understanding forms the foundation of your entire relationship with your dog so they can be successful members of family and communities.

Pet owners are increasingly connecting to their companions as family members, so it’s no surprise that they want to treat their pets as they treat themselves. Fads, trends, social self, and marketing that are as popular for humans now promoted upon the pet industry has made it unclear as to what is accurate for our pets. Reputable information can be difficult to find, while deciphering fact from fiction can be confusing, and certainly daunting. This results in a shift towards interests such as fresh feeding and alternative modalities; creating an opportunity for Soul Dog Synergy to thoughtfully guide you with our years of education and experience. 

Nurture your bond with reliable sources from the pet industry you can trust. It’s our responsibility to give dogs the skills to cope in a human world. Our pets show us unconditional love in many different ways. Thank your pet we are fortunate to share our lives with by meeting their needs.

Owning a pet is a privilege and should result in a mutually beneficial relationship. The connections we make with our pets, who remain a physical and emotional constant in our lives can be downright telepathic. Trust that when an animal comes into your life, there was a reason. Every interaction is an opportunity to learn. Animals are not just our companions, they’re our teachers, too.

Synergistically Yours,
– Danielle & Sheepdog Riggs

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